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FINAL ASSAULT | Stephen Ames Berry


Building Better Biofabs: Final Assault

A significantly rewritten Final Assault is out as an Amazon Kindle:  I enhanced some of the characterization—this after years of comments and reviews of the ilk “Well-written, non-stop action,  light characterization.”  image001

This being the last book of the Biofab Quartet, with Implacable back home, there was more wiggle room in the plot to flesh out one of the main characters than in the other books.  (Which character? I hear you cry. )  Tor Books, the series original publisher, wanted them quickly with the ongoing expectation of intricate plots and heavy weapons fire.  Then of course there was the day job.

I strove to avoid  the stereotypical hero common to science fiction—and I succeeded; those who wished for this should recall the advice echoed by Admiral Sagan at the start of Final Assault: “Be careful what you wish for.” Smile

A rewrite of The Biofab War is  underway.  I’m fond of this book—it was my first novel, unearthed from the slush pile at Ace Books.  Though each of the four novels can stand nicely on its own, there’s been some reasonable grousing that publishing them first in, last out, is an irritant depriving the reader of background detail, at least in The Battle for Terra Two.  I apologize; however, The Biofab War needed the most work—leaving it for last seemed the most productive use of my time.  I hope to publish it in a few months.  Then on to a sequel to of The Eldridge Conspiracy, first with a foray into the world of Amazon Singles.

Happy Holidays. 


Building Better Biofabs (II)

Finished first rewrite of FINAL ASSAULT, the last of the original Biofab Quartet.  (Ace & Tor, 1980’s.)  Enhancements to characters (some) and plot intertwined, cascading through the last 1/3 of the book.  Still very much the original story, but with greater dimensionality.  And yes, as a reviewer, a loyal reader of the original series, sadly noted on Amazon, Kronarin names have been modified into standard English.  My own children haven’t read any of these books:  “What’s with the apostrophes?” My squire had the same issue; others down the years have complained without reticence that they take pleasure in pronouncing names as they read and what was I smoking when I decided to use apostrophes in place of the first vowel in proper names?  (Dunhill Reds.) 

Now back to the beginning of FINAL ASSAULT and the second draft.  (Happily, I don’t see this going much beyond 2.5)  The book’s not done, but there’s a cover.  (And yes, am sending it out to be copy edited. My old eBook publisher had all four novels transcribed—thank you, Melisa!—and even then there were problems.)finalassault

After FINAL ASSAULT, I’m rewriting THE BIOFAB WAR, last as it was first: like a battered brigantine, it needs to be rebuilt from the ribs up: other than the basic plot and characterization, won’t look much like the original. Nice to have had all four novels out at once, but with THE BATTLE FOR TERRA TWO and THE AI WAR in reasonably good shape, they were sent first out into the world to see if they’d make new friends.  And they have.  T2 keeps ghosting in and out of the Amazon’s Top 100 Science Fiction Adventures and is often camped comfortably in the Kindle’s Top 100 Space Operas.

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