Many thanks to all who asked how this ended. It ended well: I received the check for our daughter’s Summer Term financial aid 121 days after my application to Brooklyn College and a series of complaints to the Office of the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman.  (The FSA Ombudsman’s the only force that can motivate the uncaring behemoth that is CUNY’s financial aid bureaucracy.) Anyone less articulate, persistent and cunning wouldn’t have been paid.

CUNY wasn’t always so bad, but apparently Mayor Bloomberg’s laid CUNY employees off in droves and the rest, from the highest to the lowest, are struck dumb with apathy.

Our daughter’s graduated BC and will be attending grad school in January.  She’s dividing her time between job hunting in NYC (where baristas are now expected to have a BA and experience) and demonstrating with, among others, my squire, at the Occupy Wall Street protests.

When the Occupy folks say move to the back or risk arrest, we’re surging up Wall Street, she moves to the back.  Squire then leads the charge up The Street. (Perhaps this explains why his cellphone’s off line?)  Those who follow me on Twitter have had occasional 140 character glimpses into Squire’s adventures.

Back to writing novels, though I’ll try to blog more and not always about books.