Stephen Ames Berry teaches wayward youth at an alternative secondary school. He’s the author of four science fiction novels published in the 1980’s, the income from which compelled him into gainful employment.  Earning a master’s in information systems, he became a data architect at the Navy Department and Harvard University. (This last impresses some who haven’t worked there.)

A few years ago, stumbling upon an Internet reference to his passing and literary legacy, Berry was inspired to write a new novel: The Eldridge Roster, a technothriller spun from his time at the Pentagon and the myth of the Navy’s World War II ship invisibility project, the Philadelphia Experiment. He’s now writing his sixth novel and converting his previous ones into ebooks.

Berry’s a magna cum laude graduate of Boston University and a veteran of the U.S. Army Security Agency, which sponsored his three year stint in Tokyo.

He has two daughters and lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife, a daffy dog and a pride of semi-feral cats gifted him by a former student.