A big thank you to all who’ve read the ebook versions of The Battle for Terra Two and The AI War and who follow my tweets.  Coming next in the Biofab series is Final Assault, the rewriting of which is taking longer than I’d hoped.  (sigh)  Not tinkering with its intricate plot line, I’m enhancing Final Assault to stand alone as do the other books in the series.  As originally published by Tor/MacMillan, it’s too dependent on The AI War.

A happily consequence of the ebook revolution is the rewind button it’s given authors: ebooks are living documents, infinitely malleable—a virtue of which I’m happy to take advantage; life has few rewind buttons.

Next up: rewriting the first book in the series, The Biofab War, first published by Ace/Berkley.  Of the four novels, it requires the most work.

As always, I’m deeply indebted to my fellow author, the gracious and gifted Melisa C. Michaels, for preserving the MS Word files of the Biofab books.